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Filming in Lithuania

Fixer in Lithuania

Filming in Lithuania might require getting a visa to enter the country, but it all depends on where you are from. Some areas may need a film permit, but our fixer in Lithuania will help you obtain all the necessary documentation to get them. If you need professional equipment, you should know Lithuania has a wide range of rental shops offering you all the gear you need for a successful project. Furthermore, you will be happy to know that the country has a tax rebate that allows you to save up to 30% of your budget.


Visa for Lithuania

Film Permits in Lithuania

Certain areas of Lithuania will require film permits when you want to shoot there. The good news is that our fixer in Lithuania will help you navigate this process effortlessly. With the help of Fixer Lithuania, you will get city permits and even licenses to shoot in public spaces or historical attractions. Keep in mind that city permits may not be needed in all cases, but when necessary, they may take around a week to process.

Special equipment
renting info

Equipment rental is useful when you don’t want to bring your gear all the way to Lithuania. Our film fixer can get the equipment you need, whether you shoot in urban or rural areas. There’s no shortage of gear rental shops, so you can rest assured that you’ll find all the necessary cameras, lenses, or other professional gadgets.

Cultural facts

When you have just received your film permits in Lithuania and are ready to start recording your materials, there are still a few things you must keep in mind related to local etiquette. When you greet someone, you usually do it with a handshake while smiling and maintaining eye contact. When invited to someone’s house, bringing gifts like sweets, flowers, and wine is considered polite. Also, your hands should be visible when eating. 

Weather when filming in Lithuania

If you’re a fan of colder climates, you’ll be happy to know that filming in Lithuania will allow you to enjoy lower temperatures in some seasons. The country has a humid continental climate, and on average, you can expect about 1.6 °C in January and 17.8 °C in July on the coast. However, summers can get hot, rising to over 30 °C sometimes.

Tax rebate in Lithuania

One of the things our fixer in Lithuania can do for you is help you obtain tax incentives for filming in the country thanks to the 2019 Lithuanian Film Tax Incentive. This grants filmmakers a 30% tax rebate that lets them save money. It can be used for animated films, documentaries, TV dramas, and films created in Lithuania. As such, foreign film crews can prepare their budgets accordingly.

Filming in Lithuania

Filming in Lithuania will be an adventure you’ll never forget. Once you receive your film permits, you’ll be ready to venture into the country and see what it offers while recording for your project, researching the culture, and connecting with the locals. Our fixer in Lithuania collaborates with vetted media professionals, so you can have peace of mind that you’ll be working with qualified specialists who value quality. Lithuania offers tax incentives of 30% for qualifying productions.

Once you get your visa (if you need one), you can apply for the tax rebate. If needed, you can also rent equipment from some of the local shops. Remember that the country has cold winters and hot summers, so prepare accordingly.

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