Located in the Baltic region of Europe, Lithuania is a quirky, beautiful and affordable location. The country attracts well over 1 million annual visitors and every season in the country has its own color. Filming in Lithuania is relatively easy for international filmmakers & photographers.

From the Hall of Crosses in Siaulai to Gadiminas’ Tower, Lithuania remains one of the classiest, attractive and aesthetic locations for producers.

Filming in Lithuania comes with a 30% film-production tax incentive which took effect as of Jan 1, 2019. It applies to non-Lithuanian films shot in the country either fully or partially, with a minimum budget of €100,000.

Filming Permits in Lithuania

Filming in Lithuania that involves some sort of disturbance of the locals will generally require a permit.

The permits mostly take about a week or two to process for our fixers depending on the location and amount of days required for the production. Some places of registration are quicker than others, while most of them are generally supportive towards filmmakers and photographers.

You can obtain permits to film from THE VILNIUS FILM OFFICE and submit the necessary filming information such as number of crew members, filming dates, production type and so on. Filming is free for most places in Lithuania, but there are times when location fees apply. Insurance is required in all cases even for a b-roll shoot (GVs).

Access for Foreign Journalists

Journalists from European Union countries can freely enter Lithuania with their equipment without a need for permits. However, those bringing kit into Lithuania from non-EU countries will have to apply for temporary admission. This includes press, photography and broadcasting equipment.

In terms of the actual filming process, getting access either as a part of a news piece or a freelance journalist is relatively easy. Moreover, institutions are generally open to foreign media.

Fixer Lithuania has relevant experience in working with foreign media and can manage news and current affairs projects from beginning to end.

Tax Incentive

Filming in Lithuania attracts tax incentive of up to 30% which is available for fiction films, TV films, documentaries and animations. Its eligibility requires to have incurred at least 80% of production cost in Lithuania. In addition, it has to be no less than €50,000. The incentives have just been extended by the Lithuanian parliament until the end of 2023.