Lithuania is one of the most cost-effective places for filming in Europe. Coupled with its antique architectures which comes with a mix of modern and old, the country becomes one of the most interesting and yet undiscovered locations for directors. Our production fixer in Lithuania can help you uncover all of the country’s hidden gems.

The recent boost in the film production tax incentives from 20% to 30% increased international production in the country.

Fixer Lithuania is your best bet for getting the most of the many classic and modern available locations. We can help you with local contacts and manage all logistics for filming in Lithuania.

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Location Scouting in Lithuania

Lithuania is not short of iconic filming locations suitable for both modern and classic backdrops. With diverse architecture, landscapes and seasons, filmmakers around the world are discovering Vilnius as a great location.

Movies that were shot in the country include: The Hero (2014), Siberian Education (2011), War and Peace (2015), The Eichmjann Show (2015), Gentlemen & Gangsters (2014), Ana Karenina (2013) and so on.

Fixer Lithuania can assist you in finding desirable locations in Lithuania. We can also help you get the best deal and secure permits when needed. Our production fixer in Lithuania has sufficient knowledge about weather conditions in different locations and can guide crews on the best time to film.

Crew Sourcing

Fixer Lithuania has a very good supply of highly skilled and professional production staff. We have links to the leading directors, camera crew, sound operators, makeup artists on in the country and can assist you in finding and hiring them.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Fixer Lithuania provides professional support for foreign journalists such as: general research, feasibility assessment & requirement analysis, fact checking, access, logistics. We can assist from the beginning of the production till the end.

Filming Equipment in Lithuania

There are several equipment rental companies with high-quality cameras, grips, lightning, and other filming equipment. Fixer Lithuania can help you get the best deals on filming equipment. In addition, shipping equipment into Lithuania is also relatively easy if you decide to do it.

General Production Support

For ease of production, our production fixer in Lithuania employs the one stop-shop approach for any technical requirements for TV and film.