With diverse architecture, landscapes and seasons, filmmakers around the world are discovering Vilnius as a great location for film and television productions. The main advantage of filming locations in Lithuania is the short distance to the places of interest. In addition, filming in Lithuania is cost-effective and locals employ a high standard of professionalism.

Major productions that used filming locations in Lithuania include: Ashes in the Snow (2018), BBC Television adaptation of Tolstoy’s War Peace (2015) Siberian Education (2013), HBO miniseries Elizabeth I (2005) and many others.

Some popular filming locations in Lithuania are as follows.


Vilnius, which is the capital and most populous city, is famous for its old architecture. Some call it the “Jerusalem of Lithuania” and Vilnius suits high quality classical movies. Most of the filming locations in the city are less than 30 mins to each other, which saves a lot when it comes to production cost.


Located on the other side of Vilna River, right next to Old Town Vilnius, the Uzupis district is famous for its artistic and stylish community and its romantic, mysterious atmosphere. Movies such as The Hero (2014) and Siberian Education (2014) were shot in Uzupis

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Bernardinu Street and Courtyards

This narrow crooked street is one of the most picturesque in the whole of Lithuania. This is thanks to the baroque and classical-style houses and courtyards that were built during the 17th and 18th centuries. Its carving walls also make it one of the most photographed spots in the city. The location appeared in War and Peace (2015).

The Lithuanian Writers Union

Built between 1839-1868, the mansion is considered as one of Europe’s finest examples of neo-baroque architectures. Over the centuries, it has been owned by a number of characters who have figured heavily in the city’s history.

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St. Ignoto Street

Connects Dominikonu and Leijyklos Streets are in the heart of Old Town Vilnius. On its southwest side is the Dominican Monastery, while the Church of St. Ignatius is home to a Benedictine convent. The producers of Gentlemen & Gangsters (2014) used this location

Universiteto Street and Vilnius University

Universiteto street is home to the oldest part of Vilnius University. In addition, it is a Gothic-style building that faces the courtyard of the Presidential Palace. The university roots date as far back as the 16th century.


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